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Defence Force Screening Perth

If you plan on enlisting in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), there is a series of medical processes you will have to undertake as part of your application. 

At Specialist Sportscare W.A., we perform specialist medical assessments on potential recruits at the bequest of the ADF. We can help to determine your fitness and eligibility to join the Australian Defence Force.

Importance of Medical Examination

The ADF’s medical process is in place to assess your ability to perform specific duties and adapt to different living conditions. This process also ensures that applicants do not have pre-existing medical conditions that require uninterrupted access to medication or medical care.

What is Involved in Defence Force Screening? 

You will initially fill out a Medical History Questionnaire concerning your current or past medical history. You will bring this with you to a “Your Opportunities Unlimited” session, where you will be tested for colour perception and undergo a briefing on Body Mass Index. If you are considered suitable, you will then go onto Assessment Day for the next part of the medical assessment. 

In these Preliminary Examinations, your height and weight will be measured and you will have to pass a hearing and a vision test. There is also a urine test (and a pregnancy test for females).

After the Preliminary Examinations, you’ll move onto the Medical Examination. You will be required to remove your clothes other than briefs and sports bra (for females). The examination will be similar to a normal physical including: 

  • Looking at body build and physique for evidence of skin disease.
  • Listening to the heart, measuring blood pressure.
  • Looking and feeling for abnormalities in the abdomen and anal regions.
  • Performing exercises like sit ups and push ups so the doctor can assess your physical capacity.

Medical Fitness Classifications

Medical fitness for Defence Force Screening is divided into the following categories: 

Class 1 - Medically fit for all duties within any service, subject to any particular requirements laid down in the chapters relating to aircrew, divers and submariners.

Class 2 – Medically fit for employment, subject to single service waiver action.

Class 3 – Temporarily medically unfit for enlistment. This is for candidates with a medical condition which is remediable and likely to be resolved within 12 months rendering the candidate suitable for service.

Class 4 – Permanently medically unfit. This is for candidates with a disqualifying medical condition which is permanent or unlikely to resolve within 12 months. 

Find out if you’re fit enough to enlist in the ADF. Make an appointment with Specialist Sportscare W.A., the sports medicine specialists in Perth.