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Specialists in Biomechanics

At Specialist Sportscare W.A., we specialise in biomechanics – the study of human motion. Through biochemical analysis, we can determine what types of movements cause injuries and teach you how to practice sports injury prevention.

Who Benefits from Biomechanics?

While biomechanical analysis is most important for professional or elite athletes, anyone who is regularly active can benefit from biomechanics. Biomechanics is an important tool in sports injury prevention.

What is Involved in Biomechanical Analysis?

Sports Medicine specialists are trained to detect biomechanical faults that can predispose you to injury. During an analysis, a sports physiotherapist will study your gait/walking pattern, as well as your running style. They may take a video to study you biomechanics later. In addition, they will perform sports specific analysis, as well as workplace analysis. They will analyse how you run, sprint, swim, throw, etc. 

Your sports medicine specialist will personalise your biomechanical analysis based on your specific injuries and the sport you play or the exercise you perform.

Importance of Biomechanics

Improving your biomechanics with a sports medicine specialist is an important way to enhance your athletic performance, minimise injuries and give yourself a better chance at a long career. 

Even if you’re not a professional athlete, understanding proper biomechanics can help improve the efficiency of your everyday activities. You’ll use less energy, minimise imbalances and overuse injuries, and develop a better body for the long term. 

Adopting good biomechanical practices can help you develop efficient movement patterns, whether you’re doing resistance training or you’re on the field. In addition, you’ll develop habits and improve sport-specific techniques in a way that minimises injuries. Not only does biomechanics make you a better athlete, but it is also an important step in sports injury prevention.


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