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Arthritis Treatment in Inglewood

At Specialist Sportscare W.A., we can provide you with a range of multidisciplinary treatments for your arthritic pain. We like to consider a holistic approach, recommending everything from medication and injections to physiotherapy treatment and hydrotherapy programmes to ease your pain and help you heal.

Common Types of Arthritis

The most common types of arthritis are Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis causes the joints to become swollen, stiff, painful and inflamed. This inflammation can destroy the joint tissues over time, limiting your daily activities. 

Osteoarthritis is also referred to as “wear and tear” arthritis. It is the most common chronic condition of the joints, causing the cartilage between the joints to break down, leading to pain, stiffness and swelling. 

Whereas the cause of Rheumatoid is most likely genetic, OA can also be caused by excess weight, injury or overuse. 

How We Treat Arthritis

Pain relievers are usually the first step for relieving arthritic pain. Your doctor can recommend non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs (NSAIDS) like Nurofen and Panadol to help with inflammation and pain. In addition, we can suggest the best creams to rub on the affected joints to help with the pain.

Injection Therapies

If these first options do not help you, we might suggest particular injection therapies, such as viscosupplementation. This involves injecting a lubricating fluid into your knee joint. This promotes better knee movement, reduced pain and it even slows the progression of osteoarthritis. In addition, you may benefit from an injection of corticosteroids, which helps to ease the pain associated with inflammation. These injections are provided under ultrasound guidance for optimal accuracy.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Sports physiotherapy can help to increase strength, support your joints, and improve your mobility to effectively restore your affected joints. Your physiotherapist will help you come up with a plan that may include clinical Pilates in order to increase strength, flexibility and coordination.


If you are suffering from arthritic pain, talk to Specialist Sportscare W.A. for a holistic approach to treatment. Call us today to make an appointment at our Inglewood clinic.