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Our Clinic

Where are you located?

We are located at 2/895A Beaufort Street, INGLEWOOD on the corner of 9th Avenue. Our entrance is on Beaufort Street.  Dr Rao also operates out of Midland on the first Wednesday of the month. This office is located at 2 The Avenue, MIDLAND and is close to the Midland Oval.

Can I park easily?

Yes, there is plenty of parking available around us. The closest car park is at the Library & Community Centre located just off 9th Avenue. This car park is free. Turn into 9th Avenue beside the Post Office and the car park is on the right.

Fees, Charges and Billing

Do I have to pay on the day?

Yes.  You can pay by cash, cheque or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). We also accept American Express.

Do you bulk bill?

As Dr Rao is a Specialist, unfortunately we do not bulk bill.  However we do however offer a reduced fee for Centrelink Pension Cardholders.

What are Dr Rao’s fees?

This will all depend on the type of treatment that you have.  We will go through all the charges with you when you book your appointment.

Can I claim from my private health insurance fund?

Generally speaking, insurance companies do not allow you to claim on Private Specialist medical services. However, we do suggest that you check directly with your provider.

Do you claim from Medicare on my behalf?

Yes, we can do your Medicare claim in our clinic from Monday to Friday.  
We use the Mediclear system, which requires an EFTPOS card (cheque or savings) to pay your rebate back into that account.  If you do not have an EFTPOS card with you, we are unable to claim on your behalf, so you will need to claim directly from Medicare. Medicare will not pay into a credit card account nor will they pay cash. You will need to claim from Medicare directly for consultations on a Saturday.

Dr Rao

What is a Sports Physician?

A Sports Physician is a specialist doctor with expert knowledge in relation to ALL musculoskeletal injuries, whether sports-related or not.  Dr Rao can perform a variety of specialist treatments/procedures on-site exclusive to Sports Physicians and indeed unique to Specialist Sportscare W.A.  

Do I need a referral to see Dr Rao?

You do not need a referral to see Dr Rao; however if you obtain a GP or Specialist referral, you will be able to claim a larger rebate from Medicare.  Please note; Allied Health (Physio, Osteopath, etc) referrals are not recognised by Medicare.  There is no difference in the service provided if you do not have a GP or Specialist referral; it is purely the rebate from Medicare that differs.

I’ve seen Dr Rao before. Do I still need a referral?

Referrals are generally valid for 3 months if it is from a Specialist and 12 months if it is from a GP.  If it is for the same problem and your referral is still valid, no further action is required. However, if it is for a different problem or your referral has expired, please refer to the above question: Do I need a referral to see Dr Rao?

My injury/complaint is not sports-related. Can I still see Dr Rao?

Absolutely! A proportion of Dr Rao’s patients are not involved in sport. 

How long is my appointment?

This really depends on the nature of your consultation and any questions that you may have.  We generally book a 15 to 30 minute time slot but this can run over. 

Will Dr Rao be on time?

Most clinics run on time; however if a patient is late or has a longer than anticipated appointment, Dr Rao can run slightly late.  Please feel free to call before your appointment to check he is running on time. 

Does Dr Rao deal with Workers’ Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident claims?

Yes. However you will need a GP or Specialist referral. We also need proof that the claim has been approved. If the claim is still pending, you can pay the fee upfront and claim back from the insurance company once it is approved. If the claim is subsequently declined you can still be seen as a private patient.  Dr Rao does not issue Progress Certificates. These must be obtained from the GP.

Does Dr Rao see Veteran Affairs’ patients?

Yes he does. Gold cardholders do not pay anything for their appointments and treatments but we do need to pre-approve some treatments with DVA.


Can you do onsite treatment?

Dr Rao can perform many procedures onsite.  He will give advice at your appointment. Please note, diagnostic imaging is not done onsite.

I need a cortisone injection, will Dr Rao do this?

We cannot give any advice on any condition. However you can discuss this with Dr Rao at your appointment, as he may not feel a cortisone injection will be the best course of treatment. Generally if Dr Rao recommends an injection, he can do this at the clinic under direct ultrasound guidance. We will need to book a follow up appointment for the injection; however some injections eg; spinal are done off premises.  Dr Rao will be able to advise you at your appointment.  We strongly recommend obtaining a GP or Specialist referral for all injections due to the higher Medicare rebates.

I want Synvisc injections (viscosupplementation), can Dr Rao do this?

Yes he can. In fact Dr Rao is a preferred Specialist for viscosupplementation. You will need to book in for an initial consultation and discuss the diagnosis before he will recommend any treatment including Synvisc.  Again we strongly recommend you obtain a GP or Specialist referral due to the higher Medicare rebates for ultasound-guided injections. For more information on Synvisc injections, click here

Can I drive after an injection?

Generally you can but Dr Rao will advise.  For PRP injections and ESWT we usually recommend a driver but it’s not always necessary unless Dr Rao specifically says so. 

I have been told I need a specific treatment. Can I start this at my initial appointment?

If a treatment has been suggested by another health professional, Dr Rao will need to see you to confirm the diagnosis and provide advice on treatment. It is at Dr Rao’s discretion as to what treatment is required, not the health professional. Dr Rao is the specialist with expert knowledge.  Depending on time and patient demand it may be possible to do certain treatments at your initial appointment.

I have pain in two areas. Will Dr Rao treat both areas at once?

You will have to book separate appointments for each area. This can be a double appointment but Medicare only pay for one problem per day.  You can discuss this with us when you call.


Can I claim from Medicare?

Unfortunately Medicare do not rebate on standard Physiotherapy services.

Do you use the Hicaps rebate system?

Yes we do. We can do all claiming for you from your private health fund provided you have adequate cover.

How many Physio sessions will I need?

The Physiotherapist may be able to give advice on this but it will probably depend on how you respond to treatment.

Do you do hydrotherapy (pool) exercises?

We do not have a pool here but our Physiotherapists are able to prescribe exercises for you to do in your own pool or at a local public pool.

I have a referral for a Primary Care Package. Can I use this with you?

Yes you can. Please mention this when calling to book an appointment.

Is there a gap to pay?

Usually there is. However, you do need to check with your health insurance provider on whether you have Physiotherapy cover and what they will pay. The item numbers are 500 for an initial consult and 505 for a follow up if you want to confirm with them.

What is the difference between a Physiotherapist and a Sports Physiotherapist?

A Sports Physiotherapist has a Masters degree in Physiotherapy, which involves an extra 2 years of study at University.  They are specifically trained in the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injury whether sports-related or not. Nina is our Sports Physiotherapist and Erin is our General Physiotherapist. 

My injury is not sports-related. Can I still see the Physiotherapist?

Absolutely. A proportion of our Physiotherapist's patients are not involved in sport.  

Do you offer Clinical Pilates?

Yes we do. We have both individual sessions and group classes. To give patients the very best care, we take no more than 3 per class. Erin is our Pilates Instructor, having undertaken specific specialised training in Clinical Pilates.  She is also a fully qualified Physiotherapist. All Pilates classes are for 1 hour. However, you will need a 40 minute one-on-one assessment with Erin before joining a group.

How long is my appointment?

Generally all physiotherapy appointments are 20 minutes; however, if a patient requires more in depth treatment it can last a bit longer.  Pilates assessments are 40 minutes and Pilates classes are 1 hour.

I have pain in 2 areas. Will I be able to have treatment on both areas at once?

You will have to book separate appointments for each area. This can be a double appointment but your private health provider will only pay on one problem per day. 

Does Physiotherapy deal with Workers’ Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident claims?

Yes. However you will need a GP or Specialist referral. We also need proof that the claim has been approved before commencing treatment.